Harder Than The Rock


Formed in 1967, the UK's first reggae band, Cimarons, took reggae around the world! Musical pioneers, they made it to the top of the Jamaican charts and Bob Marley wanted them to become Wailers, but they decided to take their sound on the road to countries where reggae had never been heard live before: including France, Japan, Spain, Thailand, Ghana, Nigeria and Ireland. 

By diving into the historical and social context that connects Ireland and Jamaica, Harder Than The Rock explores the relationship between the Irish diaspora and Windrush generation who lived alongside each other and faced similar prejudice in London, features interviews with all of the surviving band members, a live performance of their classic hits from the 1970s and exclusive archival footage from an incredible tour.

Cimarons are UK music industry legends who've worked with reggae-royalty including Toots & the MaytalsBob MarleyJimmy CliffKen BootheLee 'Scratch' Perry and even made an album with Paul McCartney during the 1980s, but they've been hugely under-recognised when it comes to their own music, impact and legacy. 

Exploited by record labels and music promoters alike, Cimarons were ripped off repeatedly - to the point where, as pensioners, they've been chewed up and spat out by the music industry. However, they refuse to admit defeat and Harder Than The Rock follows the band in their old age as they battle to keep the Cimarons dream alive and play to live audiences again, one last time...

Director: Mark Warmington 

Producer: Jeremiah Cullinane 

*Currently in production