The King Blues - "Off With Their Heads"


Music promo

Dir: Scroobius Pip & Thomas Coles

Label: Speech Development Records

Sony F55

Sony SCL F Primes

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis - "No Action"


Music promo

Dir: Thomas Coles

Label: Sunday Best

Sony F55

Cooke S4i Mini's

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis - "Baby, Bye Bye"


Music promo

Dir: Thomas Coles

Producer: Kirsten Telfer-Beith

Label: Sunday Best

Sony F55

Zeiss ZE Distagons/Planars + Tokina 11-16mm


Paul Weller

Multiple music promos

Dir: Julien Temple          

Producer: Richard Moore

Production Co: Mrs Grey

Label: Island Records



Several pop promos for singles from the album Wake up the Nation including Wake Up The Nation, Fast Cars, No Tears to Cry and Aim High.



Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm + Zeiss Super Speeds.



Road to V   

The hopeful unsigned bands battle for the chance to open one of the  UK's biggest summer Festivals - V Festival.  With help from mentors The  Charlatans and Just Jack. 

Production Co: Que Pasa for Channel 4 + Virgin Media.



Loick Essien - Coca Cola Session

Production Co: Wing Productions.

Canon C300 + Arri Alexa


Claudia Morris - Light Up My Life   

Pop promo

Production Co: Wing Productions.

Arri Alexa

Arri Ultra Primes